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Add a Scarf for Fall & Dress under $45

Happy Friday! We took our foster puppies, Tommy and Toby, on a home visit last weekend to meet a potential family to adopt them, and I’m hoping it works out. The couple already has a rescue pup and thought that our pups were adorable, so we are still waiting for them to complete the applications! Fingers crossed it is the perfect forever home.

It still doesn’t feel quite right to write about fall trends when it is hot.hot.hot outside. I’m seeing Houston bloggers in chunky sweaters, jeans and booties and while they look adorable, I’m quite confused how they aren’t having heat strokes! It’s tricky in the South to try and dress appropriately for the season when the weather is confused what month it is.

My trick for this is to add a light-weight scarf to an outfit as an extra layer and for some depth. It can give a fall feeling without the added heat of layers.

Dress (navy/pink/maroon) | Scarf (similar) | Earrings* | Cuff Bracelet* | Shoes

*50% off with code Shop50

There are infinite ways to tie a scarf, and simply knotting the ends keeps you cool since the scarf is off of your neck. It is also so easy to accomplish- just tie a knot on each end are you are good-to-go.

Scarves are so versatile because you can take the same blue dress, add 3 different scarves tied 3 different ways and you have 3 entirely new outfits.

This dress (also comes in pink and maroon) is a new favorite and under $50! It’s fitted but long enough to be conservative. I also like that the stretchy fabric can transition all season from nude heels to tights and boots and just throw on a jacket.

Dress (navy/pink/maroon) | Scarf (similar) | Earrings* | Cuff Bracelet* | Shoes

Hope you have a great weekend! My husband and I are taking it easy this weekend and getting errands run, chores done and going to a Matchbox 20 concert -anyone gone to one before?! I’ll probably have high school flash backs 🙂 Next weekend I am going on a girls trip with my best friends from college to Fredericksburg.