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What to Wear for Engagement Photo Shoots

Engagement photos are usually taken for your save the dates or engagement party announcements! I think they set the tone for your wedding and the vibe that you want (i.e fancy, shabby chic, casual, chic, you name it!). These are special pictures that you will treasure for a lifetime and will probably want to hang somewhere in your home (your parents too!) for years to come. If you saw my last post, I advise using the same photographer that you choose for your wedding for these photos so that you can get to know your photographer’s style and personality.

See below for my advice and things I have learned to make the best engagement photos!

  • Wear solid colors:

    • Solids are the best choice for an outfit because they won’t clash with the background, your partner’s outfit, or where you want to end up putting it in your house. This will also keep distractions at a minimum so that the photo will focus on you and your partner and not some loud pattern or print. I would also be cautious about wearing a color that is really bright (i.e. a neon) and distracting from the rest of the photo.
  • Timeless silhouettes:

    • Ok, we all know THAT photo that either your family (or a friend’s family) has in their house where the ENTIRE family is wearing some jean on jean (or white button down) combo. AND you also know that this photo was taken in precisely 1995 (give or take a few years). That being said, choose a style that you think will be timeless for years to come and will still be excited about 20 years from now. This idea is also applicable for jewelry – make sure to wear pieces that won’t seem dated in a few years.
  • Bride/Groom colors don’t have to match exactly but should blend nicely:

    • You don’t need to match your partner exactly, but make sure that you are wearing colors that complement each other. Soft blue or green tones go pretty with navy, white, creams, black. Soft blushes, pinks, grays, and even maroon shades can all blend really nicely together.
  • Fabric that won’t wrinkle

    • Be mindful that you will probably be moving around during the shoot so find a fabric that will let you move freely and won’t wrinkle if you stand up, sit down, etc.
  • Wear a cut that will be flattering in photographs:

    • While you may loveee your favorite shift dress, take a practice photo in the mirror to make sure it is a flattering silhouette in pictures. It is surprising that sometime the outfits that look amazing in person don’t photograph as well and vice-versa. It would be terrible to get your photos back to not like the way a dress poofs out at the tummy or squeezes your arms when you loved it in real life!
  • Bring a few outfit options:

    • It is fun to have a few options to choose from! Bring one casual and one formal, or one really trendy and one classic.
  • Bring your pups!

    • I was really hesitant to bring ours at first because of the work to get them there, but I’m so glad I did! The photo with our pups is one of my favorites and ended up being on our save the date. They bring out so much natural joy and emotion that the photographer can capture

One last tip – create a Pinterest board and see what outfits/styles you like and see if you can find something similar!

Some fun suggestions below!


What did you wear for your engagement photos? Do you have any tricks that I missed?

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