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Favorite Statement Earrings Under $50

Statement earrings are probably my favorite jewelry accessory (except for my engagement/wedding rings of course!) because I feel they add the most bang to an outfit without distracting from it. They are also make such fun gifts for friends because they are one size fits-all, you can splurge on a pair that someone might not necessarily buy for themselves, and they are such fun gifts to watch someone open!

    1. Sorrell Elyse Collections – Am I biased? Absolutely! But why would I run a boutique if it wasn’t my favorite? Plus, 50% of the proceeds are donated to animal rescue charity so it’s a win-win ūüôā . Pictured above are the Madison earrings in white (but they also come in gray)
      • Tassel Earrings – these are so popular right now and SEC has a lot of different style from big and bold to lightweight and delicate
      • Crystal – I love sparkly crystal because you can pair it with jeans or wear it with formal attire. I wore the Breslyn Earrings for my earrings bridal earrings
    2. Anthropologie – Their earrings are so unique and many I’ve never seen sold anywhere else. I don’t know of another store with such special pieces at affordable prices (these, these, and these are my favorites!). Though you have to be careful because some of their pieces are the designer versions of similar earrings you can get at smaller boutiques for more affordable prices.

  1. Baublebar – Baublebar is an online jewelry boutique that has a very interesting story. It was founded by 2 Harvard MBA women who saw a niche for affordable, trendy fashion jewelry that wasn’t being filled. They get in new styles often, and have free shipping. I can find some of their stuff a little too whimsical ¬†sometimes, but they have some really fun pieces. My favorites are here, here, and here!

Where do you find your favorite earrings?!